Side Up / JC & the Mu’tet


These players are peaking around corners and lifting up rocks to see what they find, and they’re stretching out wide to push boundaries…twisting the mind like a metaphysical puzzle. –



“This group can be anything we want it to be. This is not a quartet, a quintet or a septet…it’s a Mu’tet!”– Jeff Coffin

“The mission is to hit you right between the eyes with a harmonic firestorm of sonic fury and rhythms you simply can’t get out of your head. Mission accomplished! A virtually flawless release…stupid good!” –

ROY ‘FUTUREMAN’ WOOTEN on acoustic drums, FELIX PASTORIUS (bassist with the Hipster Assassins & son of Jaco Pastorius) on electric bass, BILL ‘THE SPACEMAN’ FANNING on trumpet/space trumpet & CHRIS WALTERS on acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B-3 organ & melodica.

ZAKIR HUSSAIN – tabla, HERLIN RILEY – tambourine, RADHA BOTOFASINA – harp, RYOKO SUZUKI – harmonium, JAMES DaSILVA – guitar, R. SCOTT BRYAN – congas, PAT BERGESON – harmonica, ROD McGAHA – trumpet, MIKE HAYNES – trumpet, ROY AGEE – trombone, BARRY GREEN – trombone, DENIS SOLEE – tenor sax, EVAN COBB – tenor sax