yamaha logo

Tenor: Yamaha 82Z (prototype)
Unlaquered body w/Bosken handcrafted neck
Alto: Yamaha 82Z2 w/solid silver neck
Soprano: Yamaha 82ZR
Baritone: Yamaha YBS 62
Freddie Gregory Custom HR tenor mouthpiece (Mark IV)
Freddie Gregory HR Tenor Mouthpiece
Customized Ralph Morgan or Theo Wanne HR soprano mouthpiece
Jody Jazz DL bari sax mouthpiece (8)
Select Jazz D’Addario HR alto sax mouthpiece (8*) logo_daddario
D’Addario #3 Jazz Select Unfiled Tenor/Soprano/Alto Reeds
D’Addario #3 Plasticover Bari Sax Reeds
D’Addario Ligatures

King Saxello (vintage)
Bb Clarinet: Buffet R13
Flute: Yamaha 681 Series Gold/Brass with a Brannen head joint
Alto Flute: Yamaha YFL-A421
Selmer Low Eb bass clarinet
Charles Bay M.O.M.* HR bass clarinet mouthpiece
Penny Whistle: handmade by ChrisAbell (D & C whistle)

q-tron settingsEFFECTS:
Q-Tron Envelope Filter (Electro-Harmonix) my settings (photo right)
Line 6 – M9 Effects Pedal
Digitech Whammy Pedal

The gear I use with DMB is more in depth, but for my solo tours (and w/Bela Fleck & the Flecktones) – DPA clip on mics that go into a Shure wireless transmitter…from there, into a Q-Tron envelope filter (the ‘wah’ effect). From the Q-Tron into a Line 6 / M9 pedal. Then, I send a  mono signal from the M9 thru an active DI to the soundboard.  This is my ‘chain’ with occasional alterations.

DPA mics – the best clip on’s I have ever used!
Shure Wireless Receiver
Shure SM32 condenser mic…great all purpose mics.

Canon 5D Mark III w/various killer lenses.  I especially like the 70-200mm (2.8 fixed), and my iPhone : )